Nienke Klunder and Wiglius de Bie first met while studying photography at the art academy of St Joost Breda in their native Holland. After graduation their paths diverged though by coincidence they frequently found themselves spending time in the same cities as they pursued their careers in Antwerp, New York, London and Paris.

Nienke developed her signature self-portraiture, exploring themes of identity and transformation and began her ongoing, multi-media collaboration with Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. Wiglius meanwhile worked for Mario Testino amongst others, establishing himself in the fashion world with clients such as Vogue and Dior Homme, while also developing his own interior and portraiture work. They have each had their work published and exhibited globally.
In 2012, ready for a new challenge, the two independent artists started collaborations under the name KlunderBie (a mix of both their last names), bringing together the art and fashion world experiences to form a fresh new forum for both their talents.

Together, Wiglius de Bie & Nienke Klunder produce elegant, arresting work using a sophisticated narrative that always has a sense of fun lurking below the surface. Their precise images show a playful dialogue that is filled with intelligence and curiosity, and always, an unerring eye for the unexpected.

Jane Darroch Riley